buy a used autoclaveIn this economy, everyone is looking to save money when they can. You might be wondering if it’s a good idea to buy a used autoclave. Remanufactured autoclaves can be a great way to save money, but proper precautions must be taken.

If you would like to buy a used autoclave, make sure you contact a reliable source that has been in the sterilizer business for a long time. The experts at can help you buy a used autoclave that is safe and reliable. If you’re in the market for a remanufactured autoclave, here are some tips to keep in mind. (more…)

All autoclaves are sterilizers, not all sterilizers are autoclaves.

Autoclave is a steam sterilizer

Sterilizer can be steam sterilizer, dry heat sterilizer, chemical vapor sterilizer, and ETO.

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I’m really thrilled to announce that Alfa Medical ( as of November 26th 2013, became the North America service center for the the following Pelton Crane products: Sentry, OCM, OCR, Magnaclave, Validators, and all the way to the Delta Q 8 and Delta Q 10 lines.  The markets which were approved for are all the none dental (ie Medical, Veterinarian, Laboratory, manufacturing facilities and again, all none dental).

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sterilizing wasteMany people do not think about using an autoclave for sterilizing waste. An autoclave can be used to sterilize hazardous waste so that it can be thrown out with the normal garbage. Since hazardous waste disposal is very expensive, waste sterilization is a great way to save money.

If you haven’t been using an autoclave to sterilize hazardous waste, it’s not too late to start. So, which autoclave is best for sterilizing waste? (more…)

Question to chief trouble shooter:

What might remove burnt char from bottom of a Tuttnauer.  Green fluid leaked after cleaning and burnt onto bottom of chamber.  Chamber Brite not doing trick.

If there are  melted plastic, chamber-brite will not do much. Make sure the dry cycle is not used. This may take a few cleanings.

It can be hard to clean unless you use an acid.

They will have to run another cycle or two using chamber-brite.
1.       They can run a ½ package for no more than 30 minutes @250-260 degrees.
2.        Vent chamber and empty reservoir, refill with fresh water.
3.        While chamber is still slightly warm, use fine scotch-brite or a course side of a dish washing sponge and rub left to
right in the chamber (with the grain)
4.       Wipe out chamber
5.       Run another clean cycle
6.       Do #2 again
7.       Do #3 again
8.       Do # 4 again


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history of sterilization equipmentSteam sterilization is a popular choice for a reason. It is a dependable, non-toxic, and affordable solution that will meet your sterilization needs. However, according to the CDC, steam sterilization can have deleterious effects on some materials. In our article “Why You Need to Contact a Sterilizer Equipment Expert“, we proved to you that we are the premier sterilizer equipment experts. In this article, we will answer the question, “Should I use a steam sterilizer?” (more…)

Attention all laboratory managers:If you ever purchased the original Market Forge manual STME or STME-L sterilizer, I am willing to bet that you will agree to the fact that they (the Market Forge STME & STME-L sterilizers) hardly ever have any issue with failures.  I started my career as a sterilizer repair man back in 1974, and I am making a statement here … those falks at Market Forge know ho to build a sterilizer, they know how to QC it, and nothing goes out the door before it passes many inspections.  Extremely reliable.For the last several years, Market Forge started to develop the digital version of the STME and STME L sterilizer.  However, only now they feel comfortable to announce that it will be ready to be shipped early part of 2014 (January most likely).
So if you want to order one, we accept orders right now.  Just let me know.  Click for details:  Market Forge Digital Sterilizer
Here are some additional bullet points:

  • Electronic controls and LCD display
  • Digital data printer and recorder
  • Programable cycles and parameters
  • Programable exhaust either fast or slow

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A door of an autoclave recently (October 31st 2013) blew off the hinges, and killed a woman who wasn’t too far from the autoclave. This accident didn’t happen in a dental, medical, veterinary setting, but it could easily happen.  Please make sure you maintain your autoclave regularly. I will post later all of the sterilizer manufacturers recommendations as to how often the sterilizer each one of their sterilizer needs to be checked.

Click here Autoclave blew off the hinges to view the report in WBS-TV Atlanta Ch 2

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Thumb-ChuckIf you work in the medical, dental, veterinary, or podiatry field, there’s a good chance that you need a sterilizer. We know that not just any sterilizer will do, so contact a sterilizer equipment expert to get free information about autoclaves and sterilizers.

At, we have the facts you need to know about the best sterilization manufacturers and equipment. We’re your sterilizer equipment experts, and we’re ready to prove it to you. (more…)

If you determine that it is important for you to make sure that your Market Forge STME or STME-L sterilizer is working properly in your laboratory, then you have three (3) options:

1.  Temperature Recorder:
This pressure sensitive recorder is specifically
made for use with the Market Forge Sterilmatic
Sterilizer (autoclave). Its use is for monitoring
and recording the sterilizers operating temperature
throughout its sterilizing cycles. One recording
chart can be used for a full 24 hour period.

2.  Thermometer:
This is a regular thermometer that can withstand the heat as high as 500f.  You place it inside the chamber, run your cycle, and when it is done, you can see the highest temperature that the chamber achieved.  Very reliable, and excellent as a proof that your temperature gauge shows the right temperature.
3.  Spore testing:
a.  Bowie-Dick test card to monitor pre-vacuum steam sterilizer to detect air leaks or inadequate steam penetration.
b.  Spore testing to be done away form your location
c.  Do it yourself kit

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