Thumb-ChuckCharles Fishelson is a sterilizers expert, and with the high risk of infections in the world today, why wouldn’t you trust your sterilization needs to an expert? Charles first joined, a leading industry expert, in 1995 and still serves as their Vice President today.

In this episode Charles and host Kimberly Henrie discuss how to tell if your sterilizers and autoclaves are working correctly. The two waste no time and begin by talking about an article about someone who contracted a disease during a dentist appointment. Tune in now to hear Charles’ thoughts on that! (more…)

how do I know my sterilizer worksA few months ago, there was a scare in Oklahoma where over 7,000 patients had to be tested for HIV and Hepatitis due to improper sterilization procedures at a dental clinic ( Thankfully, events like these are rare, but it really shows the importance of following an effective sterilization procedure.

Terrible events like these may leave you asking yourself, “How do I know my sterilizer works?” We understand how important this question is to you.

If you’re a doctor, dentist, laboratory technician or even a tattoo artist, you want to maintain a safe work environment. When dealing with potentially hazardous biological substances, you want to be sure that your sterilization procedures are effective. (more…)

The resiliency of Acinetobacter bacteria has been known since it was first studied in 1973 after being brought back from Vietnam by soldiers.  At that time, the spread of this infectious agent could easily be controlled with common antibiotics. Today the pathogen can be found in the soil and in water sources across the U.S. Unfortunately, it has also acquired multidrug resistance.  This germ generally attacks people who are vulnerable because of traumatic injury or a compromised immune system. (more…)

Germgard’s new room temperature gas sterilization system has been independently tested and the results recently released.  An article in Bio-Medicine on August 5, 2009 states that Germgard’s six minute sterilization process really only takes three minutes!  That’s twice as fast as the company originally claimed earlier in the year.  The tests revealed that 3 minutes was enough to kill 100 percent of Geobacillus Stearothermophilus spores in the test media, the standard for testing surgical instrument sterilizers. (more…)

The Department of Health in the state of Ohio has released an updated Infection Prevention and Control manual for 2009. This comprehensive document covers topics as far ranging as the management of pandemic influenza and how to deal with the threat of bioterrorism. One segment in this booklet deals specifically with issues of interest to sterile processing departments. (more…)

In April, a Swiss hospital (Cantonal Hospital Aarua) unveiled the end result of a complete CSSD overhaul. The facility’s Central Sterile Supply Department has been upgraded and automated. This work was done with the assistance of Belimed – a premier infection control and sterilization equipment supplier. Improving the health and safety of patients is the driving force behind this refurbishment. Keeping energy costs and environmental impact low was another excellent reason for selecting Belimed as a partner on this project. (more…)

In April 2009, a new line of medical autoclave – the BRAVO series – received FDA approval to proceed with marketing. The new sterilization product was developed by SciCan Canada and is just now making its rounds in the US.  These are table top vacuum steam sterilizers that operate at high pressures. This optimizes the conditions necessary to penetrate a load and effectively kill infectious organisms in a short period of time. (more…)

On June 18th, Getinge USA, Inc. received the 2009 Suppliers Performance Award. This is an honor bestowed by Premier, Inc. – a coalition of 60,000 healthcare facilities and hospitals across the U.S. Premier is dedicated to improving performance in the health field in measurable ways. Collecting data and evaluating outcomes is one of the things they do best. An award from this organization is based on an in depth review of a full 12 months of data and is a real marker of achievement. (more…)

In June, a 3M study published in Healthcare Purchasing News drew attention to the phenomenon of Toxic Anterior Segment Syndrome (TASS). This condition is also known as toxic endothelial cell destruction. It has been associated with sterilization residue in many cases where cataract eye surgery has failed. (more…)

In June, Belimed’s Technick GmbH division made the “Top 100” list for small to medium sized businesses in Germany. This sterilizer manufacturer is being recognized in the areas of innovation-friendly management, marketing, and processes. Former state premier of Baden-Wurttemberg, Lothar Spath, presented this award at an official ceremony on 6/26/09. (more…)

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