A flash drive or CD wouldn’t fare well in the intense environment inside an autoclave, but the new DataKey SlimLine memory tokens available from Nexus are able to cope more than adequately. These miniature data storage units have been tested in both ethylene oxide and autoclave sterilizers for multiple cycles. So far the manufacturer has not discovered the failure point for these hardy devices. DataKey has streamlined the manufacturing process by choosing the right materials to create a low cost product that can be used again and again. You also have several vibrant colors to choose from! (more…)

Alfa Medical of Westbury NY recently (January 2015) became approved distributor of Priorclave Sterilizers.

Size choices range from 35 liters to 125 liters for these bench top and top loading models. All equipment offers a thermal safety lock, free steaming, and a microprocessor based TACTROL control system. These simple, slimmed down autoclaves are ideal for sterilizing your laboratory waste and preparing growth media. The pharmaceutical industry is the primary market for these high value – low cost machines. 

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PriorClave Understands How To Get Things Done Right

This company has been in the autoclave and steam sterilizer business for over two decades and is currently based in London at a 2500 square meter manufacturing facility. PriorClave directs a substantial portion of its profits into continual improvement of their research and manufacturing processes. One of their goals is to bring more of their component creation in-house. Having fewer outside sources involved gives the corporation the ability to reach even higher levels of quality control over every item that goes into their machines.

They currently operate under BS EN ISO9001 requirements with additional oversight of processes and designs provided by Zurich Insurance. PriorClave also makes good use of computer controlled (CNC) equipment to reduce the risk of human error in many of its manufacturing stages.

Safety locks are, of course, standard on all models. These prevent a unit from being opened before the glassware inside is properly cooled (sudden changes in temperature can cause glass to explode). As the icing on the cake, each machine features anti-microbial BioCote on its surfaces to offer continuing decontamination even when the machine is not in use.

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European Sterilization & Technical Services or ESTS (GB) Ltd can provide timely and prompt service for most any sterilization equipment still in use today. They manufacture a wide variety of large multi-cycle laboratory autoclaves and sterilizers between 300 liters to 6000 liters capacity. If a walk in sized autoclave is your need, then ESTS (GB) Ltd can provide it. If there is a specific sterilization problem, then they can usually solve it. Such versatility attracts the attention and business from a large number of prestigious UK based organizations. (more…)

Flame Sterilization is typically used to prevent cross-contamination from commonly used tools in the laboratory. Inoculation loops and needles are especially susceptible to harboring microbes left over from previous experiments or procedures. Microbiologists, other laboratory scientists, and technicians normally heat these instruments to red hot temperatures both before and after each use. (more…)

The new Logiclave porous load sterilizers are a perfect fit for health care systems in the United Kingdom and around the world. They are specifically designed to meet the relevant requirements for autoclaves including such regulations as HTM2010 and BS3970. Since an independent third party verifies that appropriate manufacturing processes are used and each machine is CE marked, you can rest assured that your autoclave has been fully vetted before leaving the factory. (more…)

When the Prince Edward Community Care for Seniors program needs help they can count on local support from a friendly neighborhood dentist. Dr. Layne Butler has stepped up to the plate and offered autoclave sterilization of pedicure instruments to the center so that they can continue to provide vital and affordable services to seniors in their community. (more…)

Contamination during critical DNA research reminds me of the movie, “The Fly”. Our would be hero decides to carelessly test his new teleportation device without safe guards. A fly enters the telepod with him and the confused computer splices their genes together. The resulting monster is rather horrifying and pathetic. (more…)

Letters laced with deadly bacteria spores served as a lethal reminder about the threat of bio-terrorism scarcely a month after the shock of 9/11. The anthrax attacks in October of 2001 killed 5 people and infected another 17. The offices of the media and those of the two senators affected had to be cleaned at enormous time and expense. Basically, each building had to be treated twice – once with ClO2 to get rid of the infectious agent and another time with sodium bisulfite to neutralize the chlorine dioxide that kills the anthrax. (more…)

Ever since the Tylenol poison scare in the 1980s, companies have looked for new and innovative tamper proof or resistant labels and containers to protect their products. The Badger Tag & Label Corporation has developed an adhesive label that leaves a ‘Void’ imprint on the surface of the product when it is peeled away. (more…)

A pressure transducer is simply another name for a sensor and describes what it does. A new version of this mechanism is calibrated to work with the Kaye Validator, a stand-alone thermal validation system that ensures data compliance with EN554 and ISO-17665 medical equipment sterilization standards. The high performance of the new GE Sensing’s pressure transducer provides accurate measurements of both pressure and humidity throughout the entire temperature range of conventional steam autoclave operation. (more…)

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