The Miele company has come a long way since it churned out its first cream separators and washing machines over a hundred years ago. This German based company now offers a wide range of laboratory equipment including a full line of disinfection units like the new G7883. Reusing glass bottles and vials in lab experiments always introduces the risk of contamination, so sterilization is a critical aspect of valid and repeatable test results. (more…)

When I reach the age of 50 and start being subjected to more invasive yearly checkups, I sincerely hope the physician I see uses the best method possible to clean his endoscopy equipment. A rubber encased fiber-optic tube that has been intimately familiar with the interior of another patient is definitely not my idea of something that should just get a “quick rinse” before reuse. The Tristel Cl02 Generator operated in conjunction with an Innova E series reprocessing unit gives doctors confidence that the scope they are wielding is squeaky clean. (more…)

On today’s terrorist infested battlefield, an improvised explosive device may be triggered at any moment sending shrapnel careening into the bodies of multiple soldiers at once. Medics on the scene need viable ways to save lives without risking infection from using dirty or contaminated medical equipment. A portable chemical sterilizer (PCS) can provide an adequate and timely solution. (more…)

EcoQuest air cleaners use a three pronged approach to purification – ultraviolet radiation, ionization, and photo catalytic oxidation. UV rays are generated by a lamp in the machine and mimic the sun’s sterilization ability. Ionization is created by electrostatic filters which are electrically charged metal plates with a space between them for air to pass through. Charged (ionized) dust particles then cling to nearby surfaces rather than staying airborne effectively removing them from your breathing environment. (more…)

People sometimes say that the three most important factors for success in business are location, location, and location. This doesn’t just apply to the lot where you lease office space or construct a building. Where you choose to install your lab equipment within the facility is just as critical. A lack of preplanning can make future renovations much harder than they need to be. Getting a brand new large capacity autoclave inside the third story of an existing structure is a good example of the consequences of haphazard interior design. At first glance, the poorly planned location seems to be an insurmountable obstacle. The machine is too large to be carried through a stairwell or by an elevator, but ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’. (more…)

Lucrative government contracts are a prized windfall for certain companies. When those types of contracts are gained in tandem with ones secured in private industry, major growth in revenue tends to follow. The Sterilization Systems Group (SSG) is a division of Environmental Tectonics Corp (Amex: ETC) and they focus on such a strategy. The company recently generated valuable revenue for its parent organization through the receipt of 3 new contracts. One of the deals is repeat business with the Air Force for the M138 Portable Field Sterilization System. (more…)

Impeding the growth of micro-organisms on the surface of laboratory and medical products reduces the chance of cross-contamination during normal handling. BioCote Ltd has developed a silver based powder that is used to do exactly that. The silver technology can be incorporated into a variety of materials at the manufacturing stage. BioCote gave Priorclave permission to produce autoclaves using this technology in an exclusive agreement. This biocidal surface coating is now standard for all their autoclave products. Protection lasts throughout the lifetime of the equipment. (more…)

A flash drive or CD wouldn’t fare well in the intense environment inside an autoclave, but the new DataKey SlimLine memory tokens available from Nexus are able to cope more than adequately. These miniature data storage units have been tested in both ethylene oxide and autoclave sterilizers for multiple cycles. So far the manufacturer has not discovered the failure point for these hardy devices. DataKey has streamlined the manufacturing process by choosing the right materials to create a low cost product that can be used again and again. You also have several vibrant colors to choose from! (more…)

Alfa Medical of Westbury NY recently (January 2015) became approved distributor of Priorclave Sterilizers.

Size choices range from 35 liters to 125 liters for these bench top and top loading models. All equipment offers a thermal safety lock, free steaming, and a microprocessor based TACTROL control system. These simple, slimmed down autoclaves are ideal for sterilizing your laboratory waste and preparing growth media. The pharmaceutical industry is the primary market for these high value – low cost machines. 

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PriorClave Understands How To Get Things Done Right

This company has been in the autoclave and steam sterilizer business for over two decades and is currently based in London at a 2500 square meter manufacturing facility. PriorClave directs a substantial portion of its profits into continual improvement of their research and manufacturing processes. One of their goals is to bring more of their component creation in-house. Having fewer outside sources involved gives the corporation the ability to reach even higher levels of quality control over every item that goes into their machines.

They currently operate under BS EN ISO9001 requirements with additional oversight of processes and designs provided by Zurich Insurance. PriorClave also makes good use of computer controlled (CNC) equipment to reduce the risk of human error in many of its manufacturing stages.

Safety locks are, of course, standard on all models. These prevent a unit from being opened before the glassware inside is properly cooled (sudden changes in temperature can cause glass to explode). As the icing on the cake, each machine features anti-microbial BioCote on its surfaces to offer continuing decontamination even when the machine is not in use.

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European Sterilization & Technical Services or ESTS (GB) Ltd can provide timely and prompt service for most any sterilization equipment still in use today. They manufacture a wide variety of large multi-cycle laboratory autoclaves and sterilizers between 300 liters to 6000 liters capacity. If a walk in sized autoclave is your need, then ESTS (GB) Ltd can provide it. If there is a specific sterilization problem, then they can usually solve it. Such versatility attracts the attention and business from a large number of prestigious UK based organizations. (more…)

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