BioTool AG has announced its newest electrical sterilization tool for laboratories.  The e-Loop is designed for use in extreme conditions and poses none of the safety risks presented by open flame or gas sterilizers.  This stainless steel micro-incinerator anneals needles and inoculation loops for reuse.  Inside the metal housing is a quartz tube that can be heated in a few minutes to the appropriate temperature (around 900 degrees Celsius). (more…)

The recent baby food tampering incident in a Broward County supermarket in Florida reminds us of the importance of keeping our food supply safe.  Sealed containers that are opened on the shelf should be easily identifiable.  However, it is critical that we have confidence in the safety of the contents during the initial packaging stage as well.  One way to securely process edible products in sealed containers is via the cascading water method developed by Steriflow.  Sterilization carried out by this method renders food free of live contaminants. (more…)

Last autumn saw several new contracts awarded to Sterilization Systems Group.  The company is providing a portable field sterilizer to an existing customer.  They are also expanding their consumer base with larger models for 2 new clients in the life sciences sector.  The focus for these projects is on providing equipment that fits into existing space with as little restructuring as possible.  This will keep costs low – especially for the sectional unit which can be built off-site before final installation and certification at the customer’s facility. (more…)

Autoclave spore strip testing has long been the gold standard for verifying proper sterilizer function.  The bacteria used are very resilient.  They require exposure to high sterilization standards to be rendered inert.  If a spore analysis shows that equipment is working properly, odds are the results are valid. However, Russ Nyberg brought up an interesting point in his recent Infection Control Today article.  Are there circumstances in which such tests can show false results? (more…)

Prestige Medical Limited will be presenting at the IDS trade show in Cologne Germany from March 24th through 28th 2009.  The company is a leading manufacturer of innovative bench top autoclaves and sterilizers.  Manufacturers and clients from all over the world will be gathering to network at this world-class event.  Prestige is only one of approximately 1,750 exhibitors scheduled to appear at this international dental practice convention, so don’t miss them.  They will be setting up shop in hall 03.2 at stands F058 and G059. (more…)

Sterilizing the trash produced by a whole community may seem unusual; but this sanitation service is coming soon to an island nation in the Caribbean. Tempico Inc. in conjunction with Davies Engineering is coordinating the entire waste management system for a new housing development being built in the Dominican Republic. The massive project includes 1500 new homes, 1000 apartments, a shopping center, hotel, hospital, and the waste management plant with the trademarked autoclave technology. Tempico’s Rotoclave fulfills a wide range of waste treatment needs for the entire community. (more…)

Choices are good; but when you are presented with too many options it is easy to get confused. The number of companies making autoclaves and sterilizers (and offering multiple options for each model) has increased dramatically over the past decade. Making a poorly informed or inappropriate choice can have a significant negative impact on the operating efficiency of any organization that relies on one or more of these machines. (more…)

A small UK company is going high tech with its very first original sterilizer design. The new Ascot autoclaves feature the CS1 programmable logic controller from Omron and the pneumatic valve island built by American manufacturer SMC. This will be the first use of such combined technology by a British company. These autoclaves are structured to meet important validation requirements and can be used in the life science and pharmaceutical markets as well as traditional hospital settings. (more…)

Eagle MHC has a new product and it is making waves in the equipment handling sphere. If you are in the market for surgical case carts you can now choose an open wire design that will allow you to identify container contents at a glance. QuadTruss (a patented Eagle design) gives the shelving units added strength and a retaining edge helps keep your material in place. Since the multiple grooves on each cart post are only an inch apart you have a wide range of shelf placement options. (more…)

Sending equipment back to your main sterile services department is always the best way to ensure the highest level of sterilization possible. If you are working at a remote location and this is not an option you should familiarize yourself with the appropriate instructions and precautions for the safe use of benchtop sterilizers. These small units should never be used to process drapes, dressings, hollow instruments, or other porous items. Most models simply aren’t equipped for the job and can’t produce the necessary vacuum pressure to remove air from the load. (more…)

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