LTE Scientific LTD recently unveiled a new line of 7 cylindrical laboratory autoclave models that come with an air ballast system as a standard feature.  These new Touchclave-R autoclaves are easy to use because of the Touchscreen panel.  At the same time, their state of the art menus with multiple levels of security prevent any unauthorized tampering with cycle settings. (more…)

In September of 2008, CHRIST Water Technology presented innovative solutions for water purification at a conference in Vienna. These processes are designed to remove both organic and inorganic pollutants from industrial and municipal water supplies. Such technologies are very important to many companies including pharmaceutical manufacturers. Quality assurance requires any water used be free of bacteria and other micro-organisms. (more…)

Steris Corporation and GE Healthcare announced a recent collaborative agreement to work together in support of interventional suites by integrating their leading edge technologies.  The announcement was made at the Society of Interventional Radiology annual meeting in San Diego on March 9th, 2009. (more…)

The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) has a number of workshops on ethylene oxide sterilization lined up for 2009.   This will be kicked off with a webinar series on March 4th and 5th.  This course can be taken by participants at home or in the office – wherever an internet connection and phone line are available.  The lesson plan will focus on EO sterilization of health care products based on current industry standards for equipment validation and safety.  Participants will be able to watch the power point presentation online.  The audio will be provided via phone to ensure clarity and to allow class members to ask questions.  This program is designed to be low cost/high value since any number of staff members can participate as a group for one flat fee. (more…)

The new autoclave waste handling facility at the old British Steel site in South Yorkshire is part of a seven year agreement to collectively handle household rubbish.  It was projected to treat at a rate of 100,000 metric tonnes per year by the spring of 2009.  The facility just opened in August of 2008.  Yet, the local councils involved in the agreement decided to grant permission to double the capacity at the site to 200,000 tonnes.  Sterecycle, the London based firm that has the contract, announced plans to invest another £10 million to follow through with the idea to double autoclave capacity at the Rotherham site. (more…)

The Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) Training and Research Institute has a full spectrum of courses available for 2009.  The Institute focuses on laboratory and classroom training in all aspects of the pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical industries.  This includes training in sterilizer and autoclave validation protocols. (more…)

The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (part of the World Bank) has extended a loan to the Romanian government so that they can fund a new Avian Flu Control and Human Pandemic Preparedness and Response project.  The proceeds will be channeled through the Ministry of Finance and on behalf of the Ministry of Health for the expressed purpose of purchasing equipment for isolation and intensive care units being set up at various regional hospitals and clinics that handle tropical and infectious diseases. (more…)

BioTool AG has announced its newest electrical sterilization tool for laboratories.  The e-Loop is designed for use in extreme conditions and poses none of the safety risks presented by open flame or gas sterilizers.  This stainless steel micro-incinerator anneals needles and inoculation loops for reuse.  Inside the metal housing is a quartz tube that can be heated in a few minutes to the appropriate temperature (around 900 degrees Celsius). (more…)

The recent baby food tampering incident in a Broward County supermarket in Florida reminds us of the importance of keeping our food supply safe.  Sealed containers that are opened on the shelf should be easily identifiable.  However, it is critical that we have confidence in the safety of the contents during the initial packaging stage as well.  One way to securely process edible products in sealed containers is via the cascading water method developed by Steriflow.  Sterilization carried out by this method renders food free of live contaminants. (more…)

Last autumn saw several new contracts awarded to Sterilization Systems Group.  The company is providing a portable field sterilizer to an existing customer.  They are also expanding their consumer base with larger models for 2 new clients in the life sciences sector.  The focus for these projects is on providing equipment that fits into existing space with as little restructuring as possible.  This will keep costs low – especially for the sectional unit which can be built off-site before final installation and certification at the customer’s facility. (more…)

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