Q – I need to purchase the trays and the the tray rack for my Pelton Crane Magnaclave. Where can I get them? It seems that no one has them anymore.

A – The trays and the tray rack are no longer available from Pelton and Crane. however, we found a substitute for you.  Click HERE for further details

This can be caused by either bad fill solenoid valve, or debris in the piping system of the fill line.

Run the sterilizer up to the operating pressure and temperature.
Turn the bottom knob to ‘fill position’.
Give it a minute or two for venting to complete.
This should blow out any debris in the line and solenoid.
If after doing this you still have the problem, replace the Solenoid.

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~Shlomo Savyon
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Q: This is a ALFA modified Pelton Crane sterilizer. The unit blew the GFI.
I reset the GFI and the unit buzzes when plugged in but the red and yellow lights to not come on.
I’m thinking that it might be a fuse but I don’t see one accessible from the outside. How do I fix this problem?

A: The heater element or the solid state control need to be replaced.
The main heater element should read around 12 ohms. If the timer is on and the heating element is not short circuited or open, then the Solid State Controller needs to be replaced.

The cover needs to be removed to check either, and the Solid State controller can be checked by unplugging the sterilizer and disconnecting #1 and #2 from the 6 contact black relays on the heatsink in the back and then connecting them back together, making sure the connection is isolated. Then, retest for lights and heat. Do not try to run a full cycle with the controller bypassed.

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~Shlomo Savyon
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1.  Run a regular cycle
2.  Once the timer gets to zero, the sterilizer will begin to buzz.
3.  It would still stay in sterilization position until you either turn the bottom knob to ‘VENT’, or to ‘OFF’ position.
4.  If you turn the knob to ‘VENT’ position, the sterilizer will suck out all the liquids you have in the bottles.
5.  If you turn the knob quickly pass the ‘VENT’ position, and onto the off position, the sterilizer will be completely off, and will ‘SLOW vent’ (which might take up to 45 minutes, but the liquids will stay in tact in the bottles.

fyi – Pelton Crane is no longer manufacturing the Magnaclave.  Too bad.  It was a great work horse of a sterilizer.  However, we can get you a refurbished one for a better price than you can get any 15″ dia x 30″ deep sterilizer.

Call me to find out the price.
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P.S. click over there —> Pelton Crane Magnaclave (to see further details about the Pelton Crane Magnaclave)