Here are the two options available.

Connect a 1/2″ (13mm) nominal tubing exhaust to an outside vent (connection located on the top
of the control housing). IMPORTANT: Exhaust line must be vented to the outside to eliminate
steam and accompanying noise from entering the room. Use a 1/2″ (13mm)
copper tubing or suitable alternate. The length of the line should not exceed 15 feet (4.5 meters)
and should have little to no bends. The line should slope downward after leaving the
sterilizer in order to ensure condensate drainage.

If outside venting is not possible, an optional water-cooled condenser is available for
connection to an open drain. If required order the part number 95-0436 kit.

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Q: For some reason the sterilizer’s pressure drops dramatically on a random basis near the end of a cycle. The seal and valve both appear okay. Why would this be happening?

A: Losing pressure at the end of a run is usually caused by not enough water in the chamber to begin the cycle, leakage from steam trap, drain, door gasket, safety or possibly the fast exhaust solenoid.

If there wasn’t any water remaining in the chamber after the cycle, then you need to find out where the steam went. The problem is mostly because of the steam trap.

Another reason that this could be happening is that the timer might not be working properly. With some of the old Market Forges, the timer wouldn’t work correctly for some cycles.

Check the reasons listed above and inspect for any of these problems.

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Q: What is the amperage requirement of the circuit for the STM-EL? It has the 4 wire plug (3 phase). Is the amperage requirement the same if we switch over to single phase?

A: No. The Amper is different, you cannot switch them.

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Sometimes, there is a leak in the drain piping, door gasket or the drain valve.

This machine has no reservoir, so the above 3 types of leaks are most popular cases.

If the machine is leaking from the chamber, then the chamber needs to be replaced.

Possible parts that need to be replaced:
The drain pipe, drain valve or door gasket

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How to keep the chamber of the Market Forge STME sterilizer nice & clean.  This image of the chamber is not a nice one.











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What to do if you are having a built up of coating from the inside the chamber in the autoclave, and what is the best way of cleaning the chamber to remove this built up?
 The autoclave needs to be clean out every day with the following ingredients   warm water, mild soap, and a cup of white vinegar.
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I got a call from a customer who purchased the door gasket for he Market Forge sterilizer, and asked me the following question:
I just replaced the door gasket and it’s on snug. However, on 2 test runs, the autoclave has a lot of water bubbling at the bottom of the door and water is dripping quickly out of the bottom and oozing out of the top of the door.

Here is the response:
The gasket is made from a mold so it may not be perfect.  But I would look at the inner components that make it close.  Like the springs, the studs the springs connect to and etc.   The unit will leak a little steam until about 5 min. in then should stop.  If it is just a slow leak  hit the bevel outside were the door presses against it while it builds pressure could be just the molding needing a little adjustment.

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This unit needs to be cleaned out by a mixer of warm water, mild soap, cup of white vinegar and if need be a plastic scrubby.  That scrubby is only used with caution if there is scale build up In the bottom.  This cleaning procedure is to be performed every night.

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Customer sent this question:
“One of our professors wants to know if the metal guides that hold the shelves inside the Market Forge model we currently have, can be removed since we don’t use any racks other than the one in the very bottom (which doesn’t sit on the metal guide). I see in the back of the chamber that the guide is somewhat attached to the damper? I am guessing that is what it is. It kind of curves in the back upper portion of the chamber, as if it may direct steam/condensation toward the very back of the chamber?”

All the metal pieces inside the Market Forge sterilizer chamber are there for a purpose. Without these pieces you can’t insure proper sterilizing.

The triangular shaped piece (baffle) located in the back top (supported by the wire racks) is there for two reasons. It helps keep the flow of steam where it should be and secondly it prevents any condensation coming off the probe(s) located in the top of the unit from dripping down on to the media being sterilized.

The bottom perforated metal piece (with the non-concentric holes) is known as the Perforated Water Baffle. Its purpose is to keep the boiling water from splashing up on to the media being sterilized while also allowing the steam to pass through those holes to get the maximum amount of steam circulating throughout the chamber. Therefore, that Perforated Water Baffle SHOULD NOT BE USED AS A SHELF. These holes should not be covered up.


And that’s the second reason for the wire racks (tray supports) on the sides. These are used to support the 12” x 20” (perforated or wire) trays so these trays do not sit on top of the Perforated Water Baffle and cover up the holes. This attached link attached a page from the Owners Manual that may help clarify this points.

Sterilizer Manual – Pan Support and Baffle Install Only

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The recommended distance the condenser coil can be located away from the sterilizer itself should be no different than the recommended length of the steam exhaust vent line when exhausting to the outdoors, without a condenser.

This text is from the sterilizer spec sheet:

The overall height and length of the steam exhaust vent line
should not rise more than 4’ (1.2 meters) above the unit and
exceed 15’ (4.5 meters) with a minimum of bends. The steam exhaust line
should slope downward toward the condenser after leaving the sterilizer in order to
ensure condensate drainage.

As you can see, the general rule of thumb, under the proper conditions, is 15 ft.

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