Attention all laboratory managers:If you ever purchased the original Market Forge manual STME or STME-L sterilizer, I am willing to bet that you will agree to the fact that they (the Market Forge STME & STME-L sterilizers) hardly ever have any issue with failures.  I started my career as a sterilizer repair man back in 1974, and I am making a statement here … those falks at Market Forge know ho to build a sterilizer, they know how to QC it, and nothing goes out the door before it passes many inspections.  Extremely reliable.For the last several years, Market Forge started to develop the digital version of the STME and STME L sterilizer.  However, only now they feel comfortable to announce that it will be ready to be shipped early part of 2014 (January most likely).
So if you want to order one, we accept orders right now.  Just let me know.  Click for details:  Market Forge Digital Sterilizer
Here are some additional bullet points:

  • Electronic controls and LCD display
  • Digital data printer and recorder
  • Programable cycles and parameters
  • Programable exhaust either fast or slow

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If you determine that it is important for you to make sure that your Market Forge STME or STME-L sterilizer is working properly in your laboratory, then you have three (3) options:

1.  Temperature Recorder:
This pressure sensitive recorder is specifically
made for use with the Market Forge Sterilmatic
Sterilizer (autoclave). Its use is for monitoring
and recording the sterilizers operating temperature
throughout its sterilizing cycles. One recording
chart can be used for a full 24 hour period.

2.  Thermometer:
This is a regular thermometer that can withstand the heat as high as 500f.  You place it inside the chamber, run your cycle, and when it is done, you can see the highest temperature that the chamber achieved.  Very reliable, and excellent as a proof that your temperature gauge shows the right temperature.
3.  Spore testing:
a.  Bowie-Dick test card to monitor pre-vacuum steam sterilizer to detect air leaks or inadequate steam penetration.
b.  Spore testing to be done away form your location
c.  Do it yourself kit

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The exhaust condenser is used for condensing exhausted steam from the sterilizer when unit cannot be vented to the outside.

With the sterilizer exhaust condenser kit you can use your sterilizer anywhere without having to worry about direct venting access.

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Exhaust-Condenser-Image-shows placement