Please call as now at 800-762-1586 This Model has been discontinued

Error Code E-10: Checksum failure (the program’s code has a problem)

Error Code E-11: RAM failure (the problem’s memory/space has a problem)

Error Code E-12: Switch failure (the machine’s switches have short circuited)

Error Code E-13: Time failure (the machine’s time does not align with the on-board crystal)

Error Code E-20: Open probe (check for broken leads)

Error Code E-21: Reasonableness failure (check for any erratic temperature readings)

Error Code E-30: Over heating error

Error Code E-31: Heater burned out and machine emitting little or no heat (possibly need to replace that part)

Note: Error codes E-30 and E-31 both can be from dust buildup in the back panel or broken fans

Error Code E-40: NVRAM read failure (need to replace control board)

Error Code E-41: NVRAM write failure (need to replace control board)


Please call as now at 800-762-1586 This Model has been discontinued


Thank you -
~Shlomo Savyon
Your Sterilizer expert

The most probable reason for this is usually a bad heater element, but at times it can be caused by a failed main blower or a damaged circuit board. Check to make sure that with the drawer removed and the unit turned on, that there is good air-flow in the chamber.
You can unplug the sterilizer, remove the back and check the ohms on the heater element.

Please call us now at 800-762-1586 This Model has been discontinued



Thank you -
~Shlomo Savyon
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The 2 pressure switches on the sterilizer work as the sensors to control the power supplies to its heating elements. If the steam trap

(click HERE) is working properly, then you need to check these 2 pressure switches. If it isn’t, the steam trap will need to be replaced.

Another possibility is that the temperature gauge may be defective.

This machine control unit is pretty simple, so not too many factors are involved.

Also, remember that the Market Forge temperature setting is lower than a regular sterilizer. Its default temperature settings is 250F instead of 273F.

Thank you -
~Shlomo Savyon
Your Sterilizer expert

Q: The sterilizer only reaches 13 psi. When it’s operating, I hear a switch or a valve open and close. This noise comes every 5 minutes during operation.

A: In most cases, the problem is from the steam trap, which opens too much. This will cause the sterilizer to have a hard time building and holding high pressure.

However, in this specific case, the problem might be caused by pressure switch, which is out of calibration. If the pressure switch is in good working condition, the problem may come from the contactors, which is controlled by the pressure switch. Through the contactor, the pressure switch can control the AC power supply to the heating elements. From the description, it sounds like the pressure switch is still working (but possibly not calibrated), because you can still hear a noise periodically. This noise comes from the contactor going ON/OFF.

Usually the 2 contactors work like this:

When the pressure reaches 13.0-13.5 PSI, the contactor for the outer banks of heating elements will turn OFF and stay OFF until the end of the cycle.

When the pressure reaches 15.5 PSI, then the contactor for the inside banks of heating elements will turn OFF. After the pressure goes down to 15.0 PSI, this contactor will turn ON again, so you can hear a noise periodically. For your case, this contactor is most likely not working, or the control signal for this contactor from the Pressure Switch is out of calibration.

Thank you -
~Shlomo Savyon
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Q: My company has been asked to install a Market Forge STM-E sterilizer. I am looking at a Market Forge 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheet listed as 17-0099-3 for a type “C” with temperature recorder. Per the top view of the sterilizer, what is item “E”? It is not listed as part of the required connections but a site visit revealed a 1/2″ FPT connection.

A: “E” is where the chart recorder connects and the unit’s safety valve is located.

Thank you -
~Shlomo Savyon
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1.  Run a regular cycle
2.  Once the timer gets to zero, the sterilizer will begin to buzz.
3.  It would still stay in sterilization position until you either turn the bottom knob to ‘VENT’, or to ‘OFF’ position.
4.  If you turn the knob to ‘VENT’ position, the sterilizer will suck out all the liquids you have in the bottles.
5.  If you turn the knob quickly pass the ‘VENT’ position, and onto the off position, the sterilizer will be completely off, and will ‘SLOW vent’ (which might take up to 45 minutes, but the liquids will stay in tact in the bottles.

fyi – Pelton Crane is no longer manufacturing the Magnaclave.  Too bad.  It was a great work horse of a sterilizer.  However, we can get you a refurbished one for a better price than you can get any 15″ dia x 30″ deep sterilizer.

Call me to find out the price.
Thank you,

P.S. click over there —> Pelton Crane Magnaclave (to see further details about the Pelton Crane Magnaclave)

TOMY ES-315 Sterilizer – ERR message – What shall I do?

ERR normally shows a number after indicating the input error (eg. Water level sensor is 1).  Err with no number indicates multiple errors.   If you press start when there is no water in the chamber and the lid is open, you will get an ERR 0 (or ERR according to TOMY).  I have only one case of ERR only and that was related to an external incident that damaged the autoclave severely.  I have never seen this error otherwise (20+ year history).

TOMY changed the circuit board for the new sterilizers around the year 2010, and most likely the ERR without number was added to the logic.

The best course is to make sure the chamber has sufficient water, close the lid and the exhaust valve.  That should isolate the error if there is still one.  If not, they will need to go through the inputs to see which components are failing.  If the inputs test, then the problem is probably with the board.

Thank you,

Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) is a problem that continues to grow like a wild fire.
With few viable and affordable solutions we will continue to see dumping on the sides of roads putting the public at considerable risk.
Hospitals, Clinics, Airlines or anyone else who produces RMW should be held personally responsible for illegal dumping when it occurs.
Management won’t like this but it will stop the illegal dumping and force the proper and costly
improvements that need to be made to prevent the situation from occurring over and over.
Make people accountable and the problem will go away.
We offer proven and tested solutions to RMW that are not as costly as the current methods and also solve the issue.
Let me know if y ou want to know more

Nail Salon Safety:

The next time you go to get your nails done or go for a pedicure observe the place you go and ask these 4 questions.
Does the salon/spa look clean, does it pass the smell test?
Do the techs wear gloves to protect themselves and you?
Does the salon disclose the chemicals used in the salon?
Are the instruments sterilized on an autoclave. Each states laws vary on this topic but, regardless of the law this is the only way to sterilize the instruments, like when you go to a doctor or dentist.
If your salon doesn’t meet these 4 tests, find another place for your own safety,
or ask the owner why they don’t operated following these principals of safety.

Autoclave Market’s Projected Growth

I have now read 3 studies from different industries all saying the same thing.
Over the next 10-15 years the autoclave and sterilizers market will grow at a rate in excess of 20%.

This information points to the new uses of autoclaves now being used in the sterilization of Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) so that it can be disposed of safely with ordinary trash.

This information also tells us of the rise in the safety standards of nail salons and spas, who are now mandated by law to use and autoclave to sterilize instruments. If your spa or salon doesn’t use an autoclave find a new one!

The last bit of info i read dealt with the need for more up to date sterilizers in the hospital sector, where many autoclaves are now in excess of 40 years old and in need of replacement,
repairs just wont do the job anymore,

Make sure if any of these areas effect you t hat the autoclaves are being validated to show they do the job.

Until next time

Chuck Fishelson
Your Sterilizer Expert

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