A small UK company is going high tech with its very first original sterilizer design. The new Ascot autoclaves feature the CS1 programmable logic controller from Omron and the pneumatic valve island built by American manufacturer SMC. This will be the first use of such combined technology by a British company. These autoclaves are structured to meet important validation requirements and can be used in the life science and pharmaceutical markets as well as traditional hospital settings. (more…)

Eagle MHC has a new product and it is making waves in the equipment handling sphere. If you are in the market for surgical case carts you can now choose an open wire design that will allow you to identify container contents at a glance. QuadTruss (a patented Eagle design) gives the shelving units added strength and a retaining edge helps keep your material in place. Since the multiple grooves on each cart post are only an inch apart you have a wide range of shelf placement options. (more…)

Sending equipment back to your main sterile services department is always the best way to ensure the highest level of sterilization possible. If you are working at a remote location and this is not an option you should familiarize yourself with the appropriate instructions and precautions for the safe use of benchtop sterilizers. These small units should never be used to process drapes, dressings, hollow instruments, or other porous items. Most models simply aren’t equipped for the job and can’t produce the necessary vacuum pressure to remove air from the load. (more…)

Having high quality equipment makes all the difference in sensitive laboratory environments where consistency and reliability are the pathway to achieving valid, consistent test results. The broad range of new Touchclave sterilizers by LTE Scientific lets you choose the features that will best conform to your requirements. (more…)

More often than not, elderly people who move (or are moved) from their homes to an assisted living facility are able take little with them. Photos, books and cross stitch samplers are easy to transport and serve as some of the only physical reminders many aging individuals have of their previous collection of possessions. When you think about it, clothing is another thing most people take with them when they are packing. (more…)

LGInternational in Portland, Oregon has added a new design to its label arsenal that will allow technicians to make sure they are using clean equipment. Sterilization monitoring labels come in both permanent and removable varieties to fit the needs of your business. Each autoclave label has an ink strip that will change color when exposed to appropriate levels of heat. LG also produces similar products for use with gamma radiation and ethylene oxide gas sterilizers making their selection one of the most versatile on the market. (more…)

The Miele company has come a long way since it churned out its first cream separators and washing machines over a hundred years ago. This German based company now offers a wide range of laboratory equipment including a full line of disinfection units like the new G7883. Reusing glass bottles and vials in lab experiments always introduces the risk of contamination, so sterilization is a critical aspect of valid and repeatable test results. (more…)

When I reach the age of 50 and start being subjected to more invasive yearly checkups, I sincerely hope the physician I see uses the best method possible to clean his endoscopy equipment. A rubber encased fiber-optic tube that has been intimately familiar with the interior of another patient is definitely not my idea of something that should just get a “quick rinse” before reuse. The Tristel Cl02 Generator operated in conjunction with an Innova E series reprocessing unit gives doctors confidence that the scope they are wielding is squeaky clean. (more…)

On today’s terrorist infested battlefield, an improvised explosive device may be triggered at any moment sending shrapnel careening into the bodies of multiple soldiers at once. Medics on the scene need viable ways to save lives without risking infection from using dirty or contaminated medical equipment. A portable chemical sterilizer (PCS) can provide an adequate and timely solution. (more…)

EcoQuest air cleaners use a three pronged approach to purification – ultraviolet radiation, ionization, and photo catalytic oxidation. UV rays are generated by a lamp in the machine and mimic the sun’s sterilization ability. Ionization is created by electrostatic filters which are electrically charged metal plates with a space between them for air to pass through. Charged (ionized) dust particles then cling to nearby surfaces rather than staying airborne effectively removing them from your breathing environment. (more…)

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