Q: For some reason the sterilizer’s pressure drops dramatically on a random basis near the end of a cycle. The seal and valve both appear okay. Why would this be happening?

A: Losing pressure at the end of a run is usually caused by not enough water in the chamber to begin the cycle, leakage from steam trap, drain, door gasket, safety or possibly the fast exhaust solenoid.

If there wasn’t any water remaining in the chamber after the cycle, then you need to find out where the steam went. The problem is mostly because of the steam trap.

Another reason that this could be happening is that the timer might not be working properly. With some of the old Market Forges, the timer wouldn’t work correctly for some cycles.

Check the reasons listed above and inspect for any of these problems.

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Q: What is the amperage requirement of the circuit for the STM-EL? It has the 4 wire plug (3 phase). Is the amperage requirement the same if we switch over to single phase?

A: No. The Amper is different, you cannot switch them.

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Sometimes, there is a leak in the drain piping, door gasket or the drain valve.

This machine has no reservoir, so the above 3 types of leaks are most popular cases.

If the machine is leaking from the chamber, then the chamber needs to be replaced.

Possible parts that need to be replaced:
The drain pipe, drain valve or door gasket

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Q:  How do we fix the TOMY SX-500 Sterilizer when we get error code E09 (Lid Sensor Defective)?

A:  Most likely it’s the right hook microswitch that is not working properly.  Attached is the process of removing the panel and readjusting the microswitch.

Maintenace mode manual C08 DME10D311 SX series Troubleshooting for Er.E09 (1)

DME10D311 SX series Troubleshooting for Er.E09 (1)

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How often should I perform biological monitoring (BI) (spore testing)?

Correct functioning of sterilization cycles should be verified for each sterilizer by the periodic (at least weekly) use of BIs. Users should follow the manufacturer’s directions concerning the appropriate placement of the BI in the sterilizer. A control BI (not processed through the sterilizer) from the same lot as the test indicator should be incubated with the test BI. The control BI should yield positive results for bacterial growth. In addition to conducting routine biological monitoring, equipment users should perform biological monitoring.

  • Whenever a new type of packaging material or tray is used.
  • After training new sterilization personnel.
  • After a sterilizer has been repaired.
  • After any change in the sterilizer loading procedures.

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All sorts of spore testings
Class 5 Intergrators are biological equivelents and can be used with every cycle
Here some additional helpful LINKS


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The temperature for the newest model Cox sterilizer may run up to 385f.  You must use bags which were made for Dry Heat Sterilizers.  Those bags would work up to 450f.  The steam or combination steam/dry heat pouches will melt in the Cox units which require dry heat only pouches.

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How to keep the chamber of the Market Forge STME sterilizer nice & clean.  This image of the chamber is not a nice one.











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What to do if you are having a built up of coating from the inside the chamber in the autoclave, and what is the best way of cleaning the chamber to remove this built up?
 The autoclave needs to be clean out every day with the following ingredients   warm water, mild soap, and a cup of white vinegar.
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1.  Run a regular cycle
2.  Once the timer gets to zero, the sterilizer will begin to buzz.
3.  It would still stay in sterilization position until you either turn the bottom knob to ‘VENT’, or to ‘OFF’ position.
4.  If you turn the knob to ‘VENT’ position, the sterilizer will suck out all the liquids you have in the bottles.
5.  If you turn the knob quickly pass the ‘VENT’ position, and onto the off position, the sterilizer will be completely off, and will ‘SLOW vent’ (which might take up to 45 minutes, but the liquids will stay in tact in the bottles.

fyi – Pelton Crane is no longer manufacturing the Magnaclave.  Too bad.  It was a great work horse of a sterilizer.  However, we can get you a refurbished one for a better price than you can get any 15″ dia x 30″ deep sterilizer.

Call me to find out the price.
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P.S. click over there —> Pelton Crane Magnaclave (to see further details about the Pelton Crane Magnaclave)

Q – What does the code “PF” mean when it comes up on the temperature screen.
A – It means ’Power Fail Code’.   You need to unplug the sterilizer and plug it back in order to reset.

Please call as now at 800-762-1586 This Model has been discontinued


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